Jun 22, 2009

Billion Events per Day, Israel 3rd Java Technology Day, June 22, 2009

We presented today at the Israeli 3rd Java Technology Day, the largest SUN Microsystems/MySQL event in Israel. We presented here the essentials parts of building a real life web/enterprise system that needs to handle the performance needs of 1 billion events per day (a case study from the ad networks billing systems). We presented the adoption rate in the internet, Load Balancers (HAProxy, Apache, Radware, F5, Cisco), Web Servers, In Memory Database (IMDB inc. Memcached, Gigaspaces, Teracotta and Oracle Coherence) and finally Sharding (inc. Veritical, Static Horizontal and dynamic). A great example for a performance boosting architecture.

Feel free to take a look at the presentation:

Jun 16, 2009

Make Your Web Server Do More

Hi All,
This time we at RockeTier want to reveal a small secret, you should choose lighhttpd.
Lighttpd is an optimized web server for high performance environments. It has cpu-load effective management, small memory footprint compared to other web-servers and it was chosen by may Web 2.0 leaders such as meebo, wikipedia and YouTube. It is well optimized to handle AJAX applications and large number of sessions.
Its license is plural (the revised BSD license) and the product gains a significant acceptance in the market.

We also recommend you to take a look at their benchmarks. Somehow most of the players in the market usually do not expose theirs...

Keep Performing,
Moshe Kaplan. RockeTier. The Cloud and Performance Experts.

Jun 2, 2009

Tuning LAMP Architecture

It seems that more and more firms are moving to the LAMP architecture these days. Therefore, there is a buzz regarding Apache, Linux, PHP and MySQL tuning
However, since every technology has it own limitations, the need for extreme architectures that overcome their limitations is on the rise as well (I wrote and presented pretty much regarding Sharding, Cloud Computing, In Memory Databases in last few days).

However, it is always good to get back to basic and remember the small advices from smart people how to tune the products themselves. Therefore, I gathered several recommendations to help you get a little bit more from your own application:
LAMP tunning: I would add to this set of articles that you should make sure that you place all your rich content in a CDN, Amazon S3 or any other alternative and not on your own server.
Some information about Apache tunning and even more about HAProxy tuning (RockeTier software based favorite load balancer).

Keep Performing
Moshe Kaplan. RockeTier. The Cloud and Performance Experts.


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