May 13, 2009

Cloud Slam 09': The Pareto Illusion

A few weeks ago we presented in Cloud Slam 09' cloud services cost analysis, and how it can be minimized using performance boosting. We also discussed in this presentation databases in the cloud and Sharding based on participants questions.
Feel free to take a look at the recorded presentation as well as the abstract, which are available at Cloud Slam site as well.

The Pareto Illusion - Why we end up paying too much for cloud services and what can we do about it? Moshe Kaplan and Ayal Baron

Video of the session:

Presentation Abstract:
Cloud computing is a whole new game: we are no longer talking about equity and CapEx, but regarding OpEx.

So why are you still paying so much every month for your cloud services? How can it be reduced? What are the industry state of art methodologies to gain more out of your cloud service provider? How to do more with same, and how to gain a better ROI for your project? and last but not least, how to help saving our world.

In this presentation we'll discuss how can you make your software more efficient, and how to focus on core components of the system and achieving 80% boost in 20% effort.

Keep Performing,
Moshe Kaplan. RockeTier. The Cloud and Performance Experts


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