MySQL Consulting

We provide MySQL consulting from infrastructure to applicative view: design, guidance, deployment, maintenance, and optimization. 

If you need an expert that will help you in designing your new system, work with you closely to boost your current system or just perform one of the following tasks, contact us:
  1. Sharding: we designed and implemented Sharding solutions for MySQL.
  2. Optimization of Database designs: we helped refactoring current databases to highly scalable systems.
  3. DWH design for reporting: We designed data warehouses to leading Internet firms transforming hundreds of millions of records to data that can be used for reporting.
  4. Online In Memory Databases: We designed and implemented for an online ad startup a distributed system that records every impression based on MySQL In Memory databases. This information is grouped and saved to a summarized copy on disk to achieve maximum performance per server.
  5. Optimization of SQL statements: we helped industry leaders to achieve more by maximizing their existing MySQL systems.
Among our clients you may find: (video chat), (Facebook app), iSkoot/Qualcomm (social media aggregation and mobile delivery), WeSell (ad network), CallingBanners (online media), iDoMoo (Video), Treezer (ad optimization) and other leading internet firms such as Conduit (5% of world search traffic), Payoneer (eCommerce and payments), Peer39 (ads optimizations), Appchi Media (social games), Ynet (online media) and Yotpo (search).

Contact us now: Moshe Kaplan, +972-54-2291978,

Want to know more? Read our blogs: Internet and Cloud systems architecture blog and software management blog [He].


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