Oct 28, 2008

My Performance Tips

Here you can find some great tips, based on our vast experience, to help you boost your software system performance, while avoiding full rewrite of the system or spending a fortune on new hardware.

These tips will help you utilize your system's current potential by following 5 simple steps and remembering very important facts.

  1. What is the main bottleneck?
    Did you know that only a small percent of the code is responsible to the major performance bottlenecks? Detect the source and half your problem is solved.
  2. You are probably asking yourself: "how should I solve the problem?"
    There are many solutions, some require full rewrite of the system, and some are more elegant… First you have to understand your options, and evaluate which solution will return the greatest performance boost with the lowest investment.
  3. Now we can finally get to work! After we have rated the solutions we'll implement the most effective solutions to reach great improvement in a short time frame. Implementation will give us time to plan a long-term solution that will support future business requirements.
  4. Now it's time to think forward! We'll release each bottleneck until we reach the business' requirements.
  5. Scale up and Scale out, using next generation technologies: Grid, Cloud Computing and In-Memory Databases. These solutions can help you increase your servers' performance by 20 times, and enable you linear scalability while using low-cost servers.

    Remember - it is not complicated: if your code is ready and working – it is possible to double your system's performance in a short time.

    Your Value:

    Boosting your system's performance will not only keep your clients happy but will also allow you to reach your business requirements, reduce hardware and 3rd party software cost.

    Help protect the environment - reduce servers and instantly reduce power consumption on energy and air conditioning.

Oct 27, 2008

RIP Good Times: Open Letter to VCs

Dear Sir/Ma'am
Tough times are ahead and it's the right time to consider solutions to cut expenses.
SaaS and Web 2.0 startups rely on large server farms which cost a lot of money due to hardware costs, software licensing and operation.
More often than not, these companies could run on the same amount of servers, serving 4 times the number of users… Moreover, this change can be achieved without changing architecture, without getting into a project spanning several years an without spending major NRE.
We at RockeTier deliver results in short time frames (based on a risk/reward mechanism when applicable).
We provide a service based on a unique methodology: analyzing the existing code base; detecting the critical business processes, optimizing the code and achieving the goals: doing much more on the same hardware.

I would be glad if you forward this proposition to your portfolio companies' management

Best Regards
Moshe Kaplan


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