Oct 27, 2008

RIP Good Times: Open Letter to VCs

Dear Sir/Ma'am
Tough times are ahead and it's the right time to consider solutions to cut expenses.
SaaS and Web 2.0 startups rely on large server farms which cost a lot of money due to hardware costs, software licensing and operation.
More often than not, these companies could run on the same amount of servers, serving 4 times the number of users… Moreover, this change can be achieved without changing architecture, without getting into a project spanning several years an without spending major NRE.
We at RockeTier deliver results in short time frames (based on a risk/reward mechanism when applicable).
We provide a service based on a unique methodology: analyzing the existing code base; detecting the critical business processes, optimizing the code and achieving the goals: doing much more on the same hardware.

I would be glad if you forward this proposition to your portfolio companies' management

Best Regards
Moshe Kaplan

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