May 26, 2013

How Much RAM Should You Have for MongoDB?

Why RAM is So Important?
RAM is much faster than hard disks. For example, we gained X7 performance boost when we used MySQL In Memory engine rather than InnoDB engine.

Is It Only For Query Caching?
Most of us are familiar with query caching, when results of a query are saved in cache in case it will be called again.
However, RAM can be used to store a copy of your database in the RAM as well. This enables you getting best performance even when you do queries that were not done before. 

So How Much RAM Do I Need?
My Recommendation that your system RAM should be larger than MongoDB data files + index files: SizeOf(RAM) > SizeOf(Data Files) SizeOf(Index Files).
That way, your files will always be in memory and you will avoid swapping.

What If My Data is Too Big?
In this case you should choose one of the following strategies:
  1. Shard your MongoDB between several servers.
  2. Tune your queries (this is a good idea in general).
  3. Design your databases and collections to support "Data Hierarchy".
  4. Choose SSD as your hard disk solution.
  5. Consider vSMP Foundation for Memory Expansion from ScaleMP to increase RAM up to 256TB as our readers suggested (P.S don't forget them to ask for the special price :-)
Bottom Line
Careful design will do miracles to your production environment.

Keep Performing,
Moshe Kaplan

May 20, 2013

mongoDB Performance Tuning (Full Presentation from Israel MongoDB User Group)

I gave a lecture today at the Israel MongoDB User Group regarding MongoDB performance tuning and how scale with it.
It was a great event that was organized by Wix, 10gen and Trainologic.

Did you miss the event? Well, don't miss the lesson. You can find below the full presentation:

Bottom Line
Boost your MongoDB...

Keep Performing,
Moshe Kaplan


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