Aug 31, 2011

Sharding is Now COTS

I wrote here a lot in the past regarding SQL Server and MySQL sharding. I wanted to update you that ScaleBase, which is led by the industry veterans Liran Zelkha and Doron Levari announced that ScaleBase 1.0 is now available
Scalebase provides a fine solution to MySQL sharding by implementing an SQL load balancer in front of your servers. 
This product is available as a service and as a downloadable product. ScaleBase 1.0 supports:
  1. Read/Write splitting
  2. Transparent Sharding
  3. High Availability
If you need a proper solution for a large size MySQL database, yet you don't have the time or mind to implement sharding by yourselves, you should take a look at their product.

Keep Performing,
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