Internet Systems Architecture Consulting

Internet scale systems are huge and you need an expert that will help you getting ready to the big hit. We help start up and Internet firms design their systems and refactor them when needed to meet the demand. If you are looking for high scale solution and need assistance or guidance to meet your next goal, contact us

We helped many Internet firms to reach their goals inc: 
If you need an expert that will help you in designing your new system, work with you closely to boost your current system or just perform one of the following tasks, contact us:
  1. Social games systems design.
  2. Reducing the number of database queries from 600M a day to just 4M.
  3. Boosting web sites to provide the best experience for the end user.
  4. Analyzing business needs and translate them into a technical road map.
  5. Evaluating cloud migration benefits and guiding executives to meet their goals.
  6. Stressing systems and evaluating their capacity.
Among our clients you may find: Conduit (5% of world search traffic), Payoneer (eCommerce and payments), (video chat), (Facebook app), CallingBanners (online media), iDoMoo (Video), iSkoot/Qualcomm (social media aggregation and mobile delivery), WeSell (ad network), Treezer (ad optimization), Peer39 (ads optimizations), Appchi Media (social games), Ynet (online media) and Yotpo (search)

Lectures and Training
If you are interested in lectures and training in this field (Web scale architecture, Scala and Spark, MongoDB, Redis and Big Data, Agile and SCRUM), you will be able to find my available lectures in Skilit.

Contact us now: Moshe Kaplan, +972-54-2291978,


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