Sep 16, 2010

Sharding Again

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It was a long time since we last discussed Sharding. 
Yesterday the Twitter sharding case study was presented at the Metacafe Knowledge sharing meetup by Gidi Meir Morris. Therefore, I think it is a good reason to refresh our minds.

Hey! Where Are All These Whales?
Twitter turned its web common architecture (that caused it many problems) based on Ruby on Rails web layer and MySQL into a 3 layer system that includes:

  1. Web application server called Flapps.
  2. Sharding middleware called Gizzard. This layer takes care of database requests and sends them to the target shard. It takes care of replication as well.
  3. Old good (not so scalable) MySQL in a horizontal sharding mode.

But hey, it is better taking a look in this great Prezi presentation (use the More>Full Screen to better watch the presentation):

Bottom Line
Highly scalable databases are becoming commodity. In the Era of Cassandra and Gizzard, Google is starting to lose its competitive edge and high priced Oracle, IBM and Microsoft database are no longer a must for a startup. Will it affect these companies' bottom lines? Only time will tell.

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