About Me

Moshe specializes in forming technological solutions that are best fitting business requirements and market needs in a changing world based on Agile methodologies. He constantly helps successful firms getting to the next level.
Assists and leads high growth businesses to scale their R&D:

  • Scaling existing technology by tuning and introducing novel solutions
  • Scaling R&D methodologies and ALM tools
  • Forming R&D teams that turn ideas into great products based on MVP

Moshe is a dSero.comBrightAqua and RockeTier co-founder and leader and he has been a R&D Director at Essence Security. He served as a board member in the IGT. Mr. Kaplan served as a department head at a top IDF IT unit. Moshe holds MBA, M.Sc in Engineering and B.Sc in Physics and Computer Science, all from Tel Aviv University.
Moshe is a seasoned software project management and cloud technologies lecturer. He is an active lecturer in the IDF computer sciences academy and in leading forums such as Cloudcon, GarageGeeks, AlphaGeeks, MySQL UG, Java Tech Day and World Summit of Cloud Computing.

Lectures and Training
If you are interested in consulting, lectures or training in this field (Web scale architectureScala and SparkMongoDBRedis and Big DataAgile and SCRUM), you will be able to find my available lectures in Skilit.

Contact us now: Moshe Kaplan, moshe.kaplan at brightaqua dot com, +972-54-2291978


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