Mar 29, 2010

Web: Round #5

The web is changing... HTML 5, Smartphones (iPhone, Android et al.), RIA, Video and AJAX are changing the industry.
This time it is more than a technological question. It is more a business question: Who will control the platform (Apple, MS, Google)? What is the business model (App Stores, Licensed platforms, Ads, Freemium or paid content)? and how the big guys are going to do money out of it? or at least how will they avoid damaging their existing business models?
The results of this battle will highly effect what will be the common technological methods in the next few years, and choosing the right platform may save you a large effort, frustration and $$$ in the upcoming years.

In the next few weeks I'll place several posts regarding our analysis and decision taking these days: What is the right COMET (push mechanism) platform? How to provide streamline service? What is the effect of HTML 5 and is it relevant to you?
In the meantime I recommend you going over Jeremy Allaire's TechCrunch article where Jeremy presents the business aspects and several technological issues,

Keep Performing,
Moshe Kaplan


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