Dec 24, 2008

The World Summit of Cloud Computing - Presentations and Impressions


The IGT just released the presentations and videos of all the two days lectures taken place in the IGT2008 - World Summit of Cloud Computing. It was a great event with great lecturers and presentations.

You can find my lecture, both slides and video. My focus in the lecture was presenting several aspects from our cloud computing field experience and strategic aspects we have in this fields including: market current status, market niches (IaaS, PaaS and SaaS), how to avoid vendor lock-in and how to establish SLA.
We also discussed why enterprise should get into the market (Who will be the next financial giant after Citi age? maybe Paypal or Google?)
We presented how cloud computing enables enterprises gain equity and Op-Ex reduction, and why software performance boosting is a major requirement for organizations that move into the cloud and want to keep their Op-Ex low.

I would like to recommand also several other facinating lecutres like:
* Stevie Clifton from Animoto with their amazing cloud case study: scaling from 50 CPUs to 3500 CPU to meet the digged effect (we have a client who is going to be the next story in this field, a story for another time)
* Dr Owen O'Malley from Yahoo! and Apache Hadoop with a great lecture on Hadoop and test cases (it is really a great tool, and we already using it)
* Paul Strong with a not so short presentation, but with a great discussion about eBay (did you know that eBay reaches 150 Billion events per day) and the requirements of large enterprise from the cloud.

It was a great event and we hope to see you next year in the IGT 2009,

RockeTier. The performance experts.

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