Mar 9, 2009

Amazon Session Highlights

As you may read we participated last week in the AWS session hosted by the IGT and SUN.

Simone Brunozzi, Amazon Web Services Evangelist, was great and he gave several interesting notes including:
  1. Amazon will provide load balancing capability in the near future (you can avoid this issue right now using HAProxy, but it always great to get things out of the box).
  2. Amazon support availability zones: Amazon has several DCs in the US. Each availability zone is in another DC, so can provide multi site architecture in day 1.
  3. Amazon suffered for 12 hours downtime in the last 3 years. The longest was about 2 hours. This numbers are for intended and unintended downtime. It gives us about 99.95%, which a very remarkable number for such a scale and the given cost.

Simone presented the Animoto case study: "from 80 servers to 3500 in 3 days" as well.

Keep Performing,
Moshe Kaplan. RockeTier. The Performance Experts.

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