Sep 17, 2009

Infinispan: Open Source is getting into the Data Grid Market

I came across Pawel Plaszczak blog post that describes a new product from JBoss named Infinispan (still in beta), which aims the data grid market (seems like things are getting warmer). Pawel also provided a deep comparison between Inifinspan and leading commercial products such as Oracle Coherence and Gigaspaces XAP.

This product is still in beta, and is missing features that exist in the commercial products, but it's worth to take a look on it,

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Manik Surtani said...

Yes, Infinispan is still in pre-release at the moment, but feel free to comment on what we have so far and suggest (and maybe contribute?) new features that you would like to see has links to all the necessary resources

Moshe Kaplan said...

Hi Manik,

We are watching at your development, and hope to better evaluate it soon



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