Nov 26, 2009

What if I have been in NYC, London and SF in the same day?

When you analyzing a website performance, it's always a mystery what is the performance issue root cause (well at least till we dive in and reveal it :-).

A common issue in this analysis is what is the network round trip time (RTT) in the play, and who is to blame for. Usually we start with following measures:
  1. Analyze the website from our offices. This test includes both Wireshark analysis to analyze the network RTT and FireBug to understand website behavior.
  2. Analyze the website performance in the hosting environment by running a terminal services on a server (or the appropriate measure in Linux or UNIX based environment), were RTT should be zero.
  3. Finally, we usually connect the site from another site around the world. This is done usually by connecting a server in another hosting environment (booting a server for a hour using Amazon AWS is a great solution for that).

    These tests are usually a good method in order to evaluate the communication layer play in the performance issue. However, testing from remote sites is not always accurate and sufficient. In these cases we recommend using a service name, that provides you a FireBug like analysis from several sites around the world.  

    Keep Performing!
    Moshe Kaplan. 9AFW6C8B3GKN

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