Feb 9, 2010

Blocked Sessions In the Cloud

When you test you new software (or feature) in a new environment (e.g installing your system in cloud environment) you may face errors when you'll try to connect your newly deployed service. What happened?
There are two options:
  1. You did not install correctly your system. You can verify it by connecting the service from within the server (using Terminal Services in Windows case). If it fails you should start exploring the event log and your application log.
  2. Someone is blocking your sessions (probably it is a firewall). You can verify it by running netstat -na from you client command line, and check for SYN_SENT lines in the output. If it's attached to the server IP and port that your service uses, you definitely have firewall in you way. There are several options who is the blocker and how to solve it:
    1. Your computer personal firewall. Probability: Low; Verification: try connecting from another computer.
    2. Your company firewall. Probability: Medium-Low; Verification: try connecting from another computer which is outside your company network (your favorite neighborhood cafe can be great).
    3. Your cloud provider firewall. Probability: High; Verification: if it's Amazon AWS, login to the AWS Management Console, verify the Security Group that your instance is linked to, and verify the Security Group rules.
    4. Your server firewall: Probability: High (if you are using Windows); Verification: check the server firewall configuration that it allows incoming connections in the relevant ports.
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Moshe Kaplan

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