Jul 10, 2010

New Blog Announcement: The VP R&D Handbook Blog

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Last month I opened a new blog

Are You Leaving Us?
No. The focus of the two blogs are totally different, I'll continue to post here new and good stuff more than once in a while.

So, What is the Difference?
Well it is gonna be a major one:
  1. Language: Hebrew blog rather that English one.
  2. Location: Microsoft Israel rather than Google US.
  3. Content: Soft stuff like people management, R&D management issues and other issues from the VP R&D desk rather than cloud, system architecture and performance and other hard core stuff.
Sounds Cool?
If you are interested in this blog, feel free to enter my VP R&D handbook blog that may turn someday into a book.

Last Words
If you feel that you have something to contribute, feel free to send me a draft. I will be glad to have host posts.

Keep Performing,
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