Apr 6, 2011

How to Replicate Part of the Tables in MySQL

When you build a DWH or another intensive processing on a database slave copy, you may not want to replicate the whole database. 

How can you replicate only some of the tables or even part of existing tables to a slave?
In General there are 4 ways to replicate data:

  1. Database Definition: You can define what database names will or won't be replicated. You can place all the tables that need to be replicated in one database and all the other in another one. That way you can replicate only the first database.
  2. Tables Definition: You can define what specific table names you can replicate and what not.
  3. Part of a Table: Replication by SELECT limitation is supported starting from version 5.1.21 instantly. Therefore, you can easily replicate only several columns (replication discards non existing columns if they do not exist in the slave). In earlier versions, you could perform Vertical Sharding, where you could keep some of the columns in one table, and the other in another table. Then you may replicate only one of the tables.
  4. Part of a Table: Replication by WHERE limitation is not supported instantly. Therefore, you cannot easily replicate only some of the rows from a single table. Yet, you can perform Horizontal Sharding, where you can keep rows groups in different tables. Then you may replicate only some of the tables to your slave.
When Should You Avoid Partial Replication?
If your slave is being used as a copy for DRP or HA, you may still want it to fully match your master. If the copy is done for specific processing and you want to avoid unneeded replication, this is definitely the right tool for you.

Syntax is the King
Most of the syntax is performed in the slave and it is detailed in Sunny Walia post.

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