Feb 5, 2012

MySQL Replication Deadlock Detection and Recovery (The code inside)

The best practice to handle deadlocks (after eliminating them from the code) is recovering from them. Unfortunately, if you ever came across the "SHOW SLAVE STATUS\G" Error 'Deadlock found when trying to get lock: try restarting transaction', you probably know that MySQL Replication does not recover automatically from deadlocks.

Therefore, I implemented a Nagios plugin. This Nagios plugin detects the MySQL Replication deadlock and recover from it by restart the slave ("STOP SLAVE; START SLAVE;"). 

Brief: This a shell script (/bin/sh) that connects to a specified MySQL slave database, check the replication status for Deadlock errors + Automatically recover from the state by performing "SLAVE STOP; SLAVE START;"
Required parameters: host, user, password.
If no Deadlock is detected, "OK" is returned
O/w, a message is printed, slave restarted and Warning state is returned.

Bottom Line
Fast, Simple and very effective and now available from Nagios Exchange.

Download the MySQL Replication Deadlock Recovery Nagios Plugin.

Suggestions are welcome,

Keep Performing,
Moshe Kaplan


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