Dec 14, 2013

Do You Really Need NoSQL and Big Data Solutions?

Big Data and NoSQL are the biggest buzz around...
Yet, are they the right solutions for your project?

Are You Eligible for Big Data?
As a rule of thumb, if your database is smaller than 100GB and your biggest table is less than 100M rows, you should avoid seeking Big Data solutions. In that case, make sure you well utilize your current RDBMS investments.

When Should You Choose RDBMS?
There are several other reasons to stick with RDBMS (yes, we are talking about MySQL, SQL Server, Oracle and other):
  1. You must meet compliance and security procedures (cases: PCI compliance).
  2. You need complex reporting based on joins between several tables.
  3. You need transactions (cases: financial transactions).
  4. You have established data analysts group that cannot be trained to other syntax.
When NoSQL Solutions Should Fit?
There are several high reasons to select NoSQL solution. Check if your case is eligible for it:

  1. You are a full stack developer and just look for a persistence storage (cases: blogging system, multi choice exams).
  2. You need a quick response from your storage solution based on a key value store (cases: algo trading and online stock exchanges bidding: DSP).
  3. You must always return an answer, even if it's not the most updated one (cases: social networks, content management).
  4. You need to provide a good enough answer rather the most accurate (cases: search engine).
  5. Your data size is too big to be transferred over network (even over a 80Gbps Infiniband). In this cases a better approach is distributing the computation (cases: analytics, statistics).

Bottom Line
NoSQL solutions have expanded your toolbox. Now, you need to focus on selecting the right tool for your business case.

Keep Performing,

Moshe Kaplan


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