Sep 14, 2017

11 MongoDB Assesment Questions You Should Ask Before Contacting an Expert

If you are facing issues w/ your MongoDB setup, these are the questions to ask, to analyze your gaps:
  1. What is the issue you are facing?
    1. Performance?
    2. Sizing?
    3. Cost?
    4. Data Model?
    5. Backup/Monitoring/System?
    6. Security?
  2. What is the current sizing in GB of the database?
  3. What MongoDB version do you use?
  4. What storage engine?
  5. Do you use Replica Set?
  6. Do you use Sharding?
  7. How do you backup your database?
  8. Where do you host your servers?
  9. What is the sizing of your machines (CPU, Disk size and type and RAM)?
  10. Do you have any monitoring traces of your machines (CPU, disk usage and RAM)?
  11. Did you implemented indexes?
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