Nov 11, 2008

The world summit of cloud computing and the cloud computing directory

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As you may know, I'm a board member at the IGT (the Israeli association of grid technologies). The IGT annual conference is taking place in few weeks. This year IGT2008 is focused on cloud computing, as you may conclude from its formal name "The world summit of cloud computing". You may find in this conference every major player in the field like Amazon EC2, eBay, Google, Microsoft, Sun, HP, Gigaspaces, Intel and many more. You will even find us, RockeTier, speaking regarding our field experience and our strategic aspects regarding cloud computing. We will have a booth as well, so we'll be glad if you'll go by and visit us.

While arranging the conference we noticed that there is no formal directory. which map the players in this emerging field. Therefore, the IGT created an interactive cloud computing players directory that you'll can find here. This directory includes an interactive map so you can easily dive and find the relevant players. We hope you'll find this tool useful, and we'll be glad if you'll update us if we missed any player in the field.

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