Nov 24, 2008

Online advertisement. How do you handle billion events per day?


It was an interesting day today. I'm taking a part in a two days conference named Affilicon. This is the first affiliates networks and affiliates conference in Israel.

Why do I care?
Well, we have several clients in this field.

Why these clients are interested in our services?
Well, it seems that online advertisement systems is a major source for high end system that must handle thousands of events per seconds, or billions of events per day!

Are there so many?
Ya, these systems are counting every banner, text ad or video impression. Think for a second about Google Adwords. Have you taken a look on your conversation rates? Did you think how many text ads do they serve per day? Did you think how do they count all these impressions?

How do they handle these rates?
Well, these players have very large farms (Google for example has around 1 Millions servers in its data centers). They also implement complex solutions to handle these stress in complex ways, doing it all using commodity servers

So how do RockeTier help them?
Well in various ways: 1) boosting their performance, reducing their number of servers by factor of up to 20; 2) implementing shredding, load balancers and grid solutions in order to split the processing between several servers and reducing the stress on each server and 3) use better algorithms to better their system


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