Feb 3, 2009

Google Performance Lags Behind


We always tend to think that the mighty great internet giants are free of bottlenecks. Well these guy spend a lot of money and have the best guys out there (except for us of course :-).

However, if you use Google Analytics at your site (I admit, we at RockeTier measure everything as annonymous profilers) or just happen to use a site that uses it, you probably noticed that it takes a pretty long time to connect and download the js files that measure your stay in the site.

Well now it's scientific, blogoscoped found out that the Google Analytics scripts load 27% slower at peak hours in North America, and 97% slower at peak hours in Europe!!!
This behavior is a real headache if you decide your online marketing efforts based on Google Analytics data.

A nice solution for that is keeping a copy of the script on your firm servers, making sure that you are not depended on Google performance,

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