Feb 19, 2009

Lecture: MySQL Sharding


In the next Israel MySQL User Group, RockeTier will present:

"How Sharding turned MySQL into the Internet de-facto Database Standard?"
A common belief in the enterprise software world is that MySQL cannot scale to large databases sizes. The Internet industry proved it can be done. These days many of the Internet giants, processing billions of events every day, are based on MySQL. Most of these giants were able to turn MySQL into a mighty database machines by implementing Sharding.
What is Sharding? What kinds of Sharding can you implement? What are the best practices? All these issues will be address in this lecture by Moshe Kaplan from RockeTier, a performance expert and scale out architect

When: Wed, March 4th
Where: InterBit, 6 Ha`chilazon St., Ramat Gan, Israel, 03-7529922

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