Apr 4, 2009

Recent Cloud News


This time I enclose a short update regarding the cloud:

1. IGT Cloud Investment Summit for Virtualization and Cloud/SaaS Based startups
This one should draw some interest in companies that strive for money these days. The IGT is organizing an investment conference for startups in the cloud/SaaS niche market. This one will take place in Tel Aviv at June 1st 2009.

2. Are games as a Service getting mainstream?
We get used to interactive casual gaming instead the good old solitaire. However, this time several startups (OnLive, Galkai) and larger firms (Sony, AMD) claim that even the most resource demanding games can be run using the cloud... Meaning that we should no more upgrade to the latest graphic cards and CPUs but consume the best games thorough the web. They are using new compressing methods and get advantage of the NGN networks (50Mbit to the home is almost here). Read more Here (hebrew) and in every blog regarding CES 2009

3. The standards battle has just began
As in every new emarging market, those who lag behind or feel threathned by the new trend, are merging into a standard group. This time players such as SUN, IBM, Cisco and HP merged forces to close the gap using the Cloud Computing Manifesto. This group is making its best to keep the cloud open and interoperable between cloud providers.
The leading cloud computing providers such as Amazon (leader), Microsoft (Open... Linux... usually not), Google (PaaS closed environment) and SalesForce (same) oppose this move.

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