Apr 22, 2009

Very large databases on the cloud: The Presentation

This time I include the presentation that I presented on Monday: "How your very large databases can work in the cloud computing world?". It was a great presentation and the place was loaded with industry experts from various companies such as Amdocs, Panaya, SAP, Superfish and SUN.

The presentation content can be found bellow as well as the slide show:

Cloud computing is famous for its flexibility, dynamic nature and ability to infinite growth. However, infinite growth means very large databases with billions of records in it. This leads us to a paradox: "How can weak servers support very large databases which usually require several CPUs and dedicated hardware?"
The Internet industry proved it can be done. These days many of the Internet giants, processing billions of events every day, are based on cloud computing architecture such and sharding. What is Sharding? What kinds of Sharding can you implement? What are the best practices?

Keep Performing,
Moshe Kaplan. RockeTier. The Performance and Cloud Experts.

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